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Equi Magnesium Plus


Equi Magnesium Plus


Equi Magnesium Plus is a supplement designed to provide nutritional support for nervous, anxious or unsettled horses caused as a result of low magnesium intake, stress disease or the presence of mycotoxins.

Equi Magnesium Plus contains organic (amino acid) & inorganic magnesium in addition to Vitamin E, Vitamin B1 for muscle and nerve function plus a prebiotic MOS that helps to stabilise the gut and support the natural immune function in addition to a mycotoxin binder to aid in the management of adverse effects that may result from the presence of mycotoxins.


Horses (500kg)      Give 15grams twice a day for 7 - 10days as a loading                                  dose followed by 15grams daily as a maintenance dose.

Contains:  (per kg)

Magnesium (total)            167grams            Vitamin E   67grams

Vitamin B1                          6.7grams             CitriStim MOS     167grams

Novasil Plus toxin binder   100grams