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Improving your horse's health

A highly bioavailable formulation containing recommended levels of vitamins and minerals including organic forms of iron, zinc, manganese, copper and selenium in addition to probiotics, a prebiotic, yeast and digestive enzymes.

When to Use:

Equi Minerals Plus should be used when horses are at pasture, when hay or silage makes up a significant part of their diet or when the owner is making their own feed.

The pre & probiotics of our horse supplement help to improve the digestion and nutrient uptake along with help to prevent the establishment of pathogenic gut based bacteria that cause digestive upset and negative behaviour. 

Digestive enzymes, amylase & phytase, are present to improve breakdown of starch, carbohydrates & phosphorus found in hay and grains. High levels of feed can overload the digestive system and spill over into the hind gut, leading to hind gut acidosis and release of toxins affecting behaviour.