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Your Horse Needs a Healthy Gut Too – The Value of Pre and Probiotics

Your Horse Needs a Healthy Gut Too – The Value of Pre and Probiotics

These days, the human gut gets a lot of attention. Supplements and fermented foods are all the rage, as people are learning more and more about the benefits of a robust intestine. Well, guess what? A healthy gut is just as valuable for your horse!

Read on to learn why Equi Minerals Plus horse supplements are created not only with essential vitamins and minerals, but with the all-important pre and probiotics as well to support your horse’s health from muzzle to hoof.

What’s the difference between pre-biotics and pro-biotics?

Probiotics, also called beneficial bacteria or good “bugs”, are microorganisms that live in the gut. They are naturally occurring in fermented foods like yogurt or sauerkraut.

Prebiotics are not bacteria themselves, but they act as food upon which probiotics can feed, flourish and grow.

The many benefits of a healthy gut in horses

A healthy and strong intestine, be it a human’s or a horse’s, has millions upon millions of probiotics. Having this strong bacteria colony affects a horse’s health, mood and behaviour in many ways.

Improves digestion – Enough good bacteria lets your horse’s intestines get to work efficiently breaking food down into smaller components. This enhances nutrient uptake and makes the energy in their food more accessible.

Reduces digestive troubles – nobody wants an upset tummy! A healthy gut in a horse that can more easily break down food leads to fewer negative digestive symptoms.

Better behaviour – simply put, when horses are healthier, they are happier and their behaviour is better too.

Strong immune system - because the immune system starts in the gut, a healthy balance of pre-biotics and pro-biotics helps fight off illness.

Reduces stress – the stress of competition, seasonal changes or other lifestyle factors takes a toll. Horse pre-biotics and probiotics help reduce the effect stress has on your horse’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Supports growth and maintenance – whether it is a time of high activity or one of resting and restoring, a healthy intestine supports your horse’s changing growth and activity cycles.

Equine supplementation is key

It is hard enough for humans to get enough of these good bacteria in our diets – and we have access to kimchi, miso and every flavour of kombucha under the sun! Imagine how hard it is to consume and maintain enough bacteria when all you eat is hay and silage.

You can see why horse supplements that contain pre and probiotics is so important when it comes to supporting your horse’s gut health.

Support your horse’s gut health

Minerals Direct’s horse supplements Equi Minerals Plus contain a complete and comprehensive mixture of vitamins and minerals, yeast and digestive enzymes, and of course, pre and probiotics. Order some today and support your horse’s gut.