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Supporting Your Horse’s Gut Health With Equi Minerals+ Supplement

Horses eat a lot of grass and hay, yet their bodies were ironically designed without the enzymes needed to digest and breakdown this highly fibrous food. So, what’s a horse to do?

Instead of searching for this elusive enzyme, horses trust the billions of bacteria in their hindguts to ferment the fibre for them, making the hidden nutrition available to them. That’s why, for a horse to be healthy, it relies heavily on a healthy colon. Minerals Direct’s supplements are a great, often necessary, way to support your horse’s hindgut.

The importance of digestive health

Horses are quite vulnerable to digestive upset, their balance easily thrown off by changes to their feed, environment, training regimen and activity level. When you give your horse high-quality supplements, you are helping support their hindguts, and therefore their digestion, so they can stay fit and well even in the face of the many changes you often can’t control.

The value of probiotics and prebiotics for horses

You’ve probably heard about the benefit of probiotics in humans, but these powerhouses are just as important in horses. Often referred to as healthy bacteria, probiotics are living microorganisms that promote gut health. You can find them in food form, as in yogurt, and fermented foods like sauerkraut, or in supplement form.

Prebiotics get less attention than their counterpart, but are just as important. They are fibres that help feed and propagate the healthy bacteria in your gut. Just like in humans, both probiotics and prebiotics play a huge role in maintaining the right balance in the gut.

Yeast and digestive enzymes

Yeast and digestive enzymes are important ingredients in equine supplements. Yeast cultures in our mineral supplements helps improve your horse’s digestion, leading to increased mineral absorption and ultimately resulting in improved energy levels. Enzymes are added to make sure all of the nutrients present are as digestible as possible, so your horse gets every ounce of nutrition possible to support their hindguts.

Organic minerals

There are a number of essential minerals that horses need to get to keep them strong and well. In NZ, horse pasture is often lacking in minerals that horses so desperately need, which is why supplementing their natural diet is so crucial.

Here’s a few of the most important minerals for hindgut and overall health:

Iron – like us, horses need iron to deliver oxygen to their cells.

Copper and zinc – two vital minerals for healthy livers, skin, hooves and digestion.

Manganese – plays a big role in a horse’s bone and cartilage development.

Selenium – important for the immune system, selenium deficiencies have been linked to muscle disorders like tying-up.

High quality and bioavailable

All of the minerals in our Equi Minerals horse supplements are of high quality and our suppliers are all MPI approved. This ensures that the minerals we use are highly bioavailable to the horse. In other words, if it’s included in our ingredients list, you can be sure your horse is getting as much of the valuable mineral as possible.

Keep your horse’s hindgut healthy

The hindgut is the backbone to your horse’s overall health – support it with Equi Minerals horse supplement.